Will a caller hear my personal voice mail if I miss a call or if I don’t answer the phone?

When you receive a call from Psychics.com, the number on your caller identification will be 1-800-977-9244 (1-800-9-Psychic).

If you do not answer the phone, the caller will not receive your voice mail.

When you answer the call, you will be required to press 1 to connect to the caller.  So even if your voice mail picks up, you will not have to press 1 to accept the call and the caller will never be connected to you.  There may be a chance you receive a voice mail with the ‘hello’ message from our system with the preamble that you are receiving a call, but the caller will not be connected, so there is no need to change your voice greeting on your answering machine.

While we understand sometimes there are sudden circumstances that may require you to miss a call from our system, we ask that you please be considerate to our callers and make sure you are only marked as ‘Available’ during times that you will be able to answer the phone call.