Texting with Psychics

Don’t have enough privacy or time for a voice call with your psychic advisor?  Why not fire off some texts to get the quick answers you need right now?

Now you can text psychics right from your cell phone anytime!

To find psychics who are available for texting, set the filter at the top of the advisor’s listings to show only psychics who are “Available for Texting”.


Once you find the perfect psychic to connect with, click the “Text Me” button on their profile.

If you have not yet confirmed your number for texting (SMS) you will be prompted to do so. You can follow these instructions.

Once your phone number is verified, a dialog box will open where you can confirm that you want to start an SMS conversation with the Advisor.

You will then receive a text message to your mobile device after you confirm that you want to start the conversation.


You can reply to this message to send a text to the Advisor.

Some important things to remember when using the SMS feature on Psychics.com.

  • Your personal telephone number(s) are never seen by Advisors. Your privacy is assured.
  • Advisors can only initiate contact with callers via SMS if the Callers have the SMS feature turned on as available, and in their preferences, they have checked off that Advisors can contact them first by SMS from the “Browse Callers” page.
  • If the caller does not have this preference set, advisors can only send a text message if the caller sends one first.
  • Texting sends from a 10-digit telephone number ending in 8255. It can and will be multiple different numbers since Caller texts to Advisors must come through as a separate text.
  • The number(s) which you receive are not the Advisor’s phone. The number that will also display to Advisor will not be yours.
  • These numbers, which all end in 8255, belong to us and do not represent any other person and/or company.