Psychics Main Menu

The “Main Menu” button on the top right of your screen has links to pages that pertain to account information.

They are as  follows:

Account Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the starting point for almost all actions you will take on

Earnings History

Here you will see breakdowns of every dollar you make on


This will take you to your inbox, where you can exchange messages with your customers.

File Library

Here you will see all of the images you have uploaded to


This page will allow you to enable yourself to take different types of calls that potentially can turn into repeat customers.

My Account

Here you can update/change your basic account information, your e-mail address, your pin or your payment information.

Change Password

This page will allow you to change your password.


Here you can opt to receive our newsletter and/or decide how to receive certain communications from us.

My Phone Numbers

This page will allow you to add and/or verify phone numbers you wish to use to take calls.

Go to Profile

Using this link will allow you to see your Profile(s) the way your customers do.

My Dial-in Credentials

If you hover your mouse over these numbers, you will see a message that gives you the 800 number to call, in order to log in, if you are unable to do so via the website.  Write this information down and keep it in a safe place.