Set Profile Photo

Go to your Profile Dashboard.

Click on the Profile you want to set your Profile Photo for, located on the far left of the screen.

On the profile page you selected click “Profile Photo”.

If you have a current profile photo it will be displayed.

Click the “Change / Upload Photo” graphic.

An Upload Photos overlay will appear on your screen.  You will not be able to perform any other action besides choosing a photo, unless you close this window first.

There are three ways to choose a photo/image for your profile:

Uploading an image from your computer

Choosing an image you have already uploaded to your profile

Using your webcam to take a new photo

To upload a photo from your computer:

Click the “Click here to upload your image” graphic.

You may only upload jpeg, gif, & png files with a maximum file size of 5 MB

Choose the folder on your computer where your photo is saved.

Choose the file for your photo.

Click “Open”.

If your file type is not supported, you will see an error message; check if you are using a compatible file.

To choose a photo you have already uploaded:

Click the “Your Photos” tab on the top right.

Choose the photo you would like for your Profile Photo.

To use your webcam to take a new photo:

Click the “Web Camera” tab on the top right.

After you have selected the photo that you which to use as the profile image, use the mouse to drag the dotted line box to crop your photo to remove unnecessary background, other people, etc.

Click “Set as your Profile Photo” to use this photo. Should you choose to start again with a different photo click “Discard.”

If you have successfully chosen a photo, you will see a message that your photo is pending approval and see it as Pending on the change Profile Photo page.