Selling Webcam Handles

Webcams allow you to communicate with your Callers via video chat.  Many callers are willing to pay an extra fee to have a webcam session.  Webcams are an optional part of your phone call.  You connect with your caller via the phone just like a typical call, but then you have the ability to launch a webcam session using third party webcam systems such as Skype.

In order to offer webcams as an option to Callers you will need the following:

  1. A computer or phone equipped with a webcam.
  2. An account with one of the 5 webcam messaging systems we support.

We support 5 webcam software options:

  1. Skype
  2. AOL Instant Messenger
  3. Yahoo! Messenger
  4. Google Talk
  5. iMessage.

It is your responsibility to instruct your Callers in how they can connect with your webcam.  We recommend you explain this to your callers prior to receiving your call.  See our help section for specifics on setting up a webcam for each supported system.

If you wish to sell webcams, you will need to enter your username or handle for the webcam service you wish to offer along with the price you will charge your caller to receive your webcam username/handle.    Please keep in mind you are only charging for access to your webcam username/handle.  YOU WILL NOT BE PAID A PER-MINUTE RATE ON WEBCAMS.  Once your caller has purchased your webcam username/handle, they will be able to connect to your webcam feed during your call.

If you have any questions about selling webcam handles or using webcams please feel free to contact us