Purchasing Call recordings

Want to go over your favorite readings from your Advisor?

Review your favorite calls again and again!

The Recording Calls feature allows Callers to purchase their favorite calls. This feature provides a new, exciting experience for Callers and a great financial opportunity for Psychics.
We have had many Caller inquiries for this feature. Callers who opt into the recording program are able to purchase any of the phone conversations they have with the Advisors on Psychics.com.

The recording option can be set in the account settings and can alternately be added or removed on a per call basis in the click to call box before each phone call. Only calls from the website are currently being recorded. We hope to begin recording calls made over 1-800-9Psychic in the future.

If you wish to purchase your call recordings, please be sure to be making your calls from the click to call box on the Psychics.com website.

Psychics will receive their commission on the amount that the caller pays for the call recording. The pricing structure for the recordings is 25% of the total amount of the call with a $3.99 minimum and $19.99 maximum.

Call recordings are only available to callers and are not available to Advisors.