How much can I charge for webchat?

We have made changes to the Web Chat Feature on

When a caller starts a chat with you, you will now receive earnings per minute for your chat instead of each message the caller sends.

To set your rate, from the Account Dashboard, choose the profile that you would like to set your rate for then click the Actions drop-down and select Rates from the menu. You will be taken to the Rates page.

Click the Chat Tab.


Set your rate (Price Range is $0.50 – $2.00) then click Save.

The paid commision for Web Chats is 50% (fifty percent).

You can make yourself available to receive a web chat at any time by toggling your availability at the top of our site.

On your profile the caller can select “Realtime web chat” and you will be prompted to accept the chat request with the caller within 60 seconds of the request.

***Please note that due to the changes we have made changes to our web chat feature, we have increased the size of the chat window, and have disabled incoming calls and chats until your chat session is over.***