Webcam FAQ

Using Your Webcam Options

One of best things about our integrated webcam feature is that you don’t have to be on the phone with a caller during your webcam session, and you don’t need to leave the site. You must remain at your computer for the duration of your webcam session.

Please note that all webcam sessions begin in a public room or a gold pre-show which can also be viewed by callers.

The public room is free for callers to view you, so think of the Public Room as a pre- psychic party or group reading. This is where you can show off your skills by giving short readings, giving your callers just a sample of what you can do. Keep in mind the public room is free , so you may want to reserve in-depth readings to private sessions or the Gold-Show.

To begin a webcam session: 

Once you are logged on, from the Account Dashboard, choose the profile (on the left side of the page) that you would like to use for webcam. Then under Profile Related Shortcuts, click Webcam. You will be taken to the webcam page.

This page is separated into three sections: the upper-left part of the screen will be where your webcam feed appears, and when your webcam is off you will see your profile photo and the message “My broadcast is currently offline”.

Underneath is the settings tab where you can turn your camera on, adjust camera and microphone settings, and add or update a description for your webcam session.

The column on the right-hand side of the page is where you will chat with callers once your broadcast is online.

Turning on your webcam:

To turn on your webcam, click the green button that says “Turn on my Camera”. A security dialog will appear, click “Allow” to display your webcam feed.

Once your webcam feed is displayed, you can make changes to the settings for your webcam or microphone and add a description for your room.

To broadcast in a public room, select the “Public Room” tab then “Start Public Room”.

If you select to broadcast in a Public Room, callers will still be able to request a private webcam session with you.  Encourage the callers in your public room using the chat box.

Offering a private 1 on 1 session:

The Private room is a 1- on-1 session with a caller. Your earnings are based on the webcam rate you selected for that profile.

To offer a private 1 on 1 session select the “Private Show” tab. You can then enable a rate to offer your callers and adjust your rate to the amount you wish to charge. When you are done select “Start Broadcast”.

By selecting this option you will be in a public room with the option for a caller to initiate a private session with you.

When a Caller in the public room requests a private 1 on 1 webcam session with your profile, you will receive a message notifying you that you have 18 seconds to accept the request.

Once you are in the private room with a Caller, any caller in the public room will receive a message that you are in an Exclusive Webcam session.

Gold Show:

A Gold show is a group show where each caller that wants to participate in the group show must pay the entry fee. This is where you can host your psychic party, group reading or spiritual event at length. To begin, select the Gold Show tab.

To begin, select the Gold Show tab.

You will then be able to set the following parameters for your Gold Show:

  • Entry Fee: This is the fee callers must pay in order to access your Gold Show.
  • Show length: Your show can be a minimum of 7 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Preshow Goal: You can set the amount of “Gold” you require to have the Gold Show. If your Goal is met before the preshow length you set, the gold show will begin immediately. If you do not meet the preshow gold amount with your current entry fees, you can choose to extend the PreShow length one time by 1 minutes, or you can cancel the gold show. If you choose to cancel the Gold Show, the entry fees will be returned to the callers and you will have to start a new PreShow. You will only earn the entry fees from the callers who wish to participate if you proceed with the Gold Show.
  • Preshow length: The Preshow can be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. This is the amount of time that you will wait for callers to commit their entry fee.

Once you have adjusted these settings to your preference, click the gold button that says “Start Gold Preshow”.

The Gold Preshow is similar to our public room as multiple callers can view your cam. Entice callers to commit their entry fee so the show will start using the chat box to interact with the callers in your public room.

During the Preshow you can encourage your callers to add more “Gold” and communicate through the chat window located on the right side of the page. Callers must give the minimum amount for the entry fee, but they can add additional tips above and beyond the entry fee so that you meet your minimum preshow Gold amount and begin the show.

After the Gold Show begins, other callers will have the option to pay the entry fee to gain access to your show.

Gold Show Rules:

  • You have the option to cancel the Gold Show at any time during the pre-show or when the show has started.
  • If you cancel the Gold pre-show or Gold show early,all earnings including entrance fees will be refunded to the callers.
  • You are given the option to extend your pre-show one time for an additional minute.
  • You can start the show early regardless of the amount of Gold collected.

Please note: If you are experiencing issues when using the webcam feature, please use the “Send Error Report” link to report your issues. You can find this button by clicking the “?” located in the upper right-hand corner of the chat window section on the right side of the screen.