How do I make myself “Available?”

To start connecting with Callers, simply click on the “Services” drop down in the top navigation bar. Then click the “Unavailable” link beside any method you want to become “Available” for.

The “Services” drop down menu for


We also offer two alternative options for making yourself  “Available” or “Unavailable:”

  • via text
  • via phone

Via Text

To control your services via text, simply reply to any Text conversation on your phone with the following:





#online phone

#offline phone

#online sms

#offline sms

Via Phone

To control your services via phone, simply dial 1-800-9PSYCHIC (1-800-977-9244) and follow the prompts to use your “Dial-In Credentials” (located at the bottom of the Main Menu any time you are signed into your Account).

Information needed to log into your Account via our automated phone system.