How Do I Make Myself available when using the Mobile Site?

Connect with your callers on the go!

To make yourself available for calls and other features such as texting, and web chat,  log into the mobile site.

Once you are logged in, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner.  This will take you to the Main Menu.

In the upper right corner under your email address, there is a list of services.


There is an “x” in a red circle next to each service listed. Click on the “x” next to the service that you would like to make yourself available for and “x” will change to a checkmark.

Available Psychic

Please note that you can not make yourself available for Skype calls through the mobile site. However, if you running the TL Skype Agent and are online in the Skype application, you will show as available for Skype calls on the Mobile Site.

We also offer two alternative options for making yourself  “Available” or “Unavailable:”

  • via text
  • via phone

Via Text

To control your services via text, simply reply to any Text conversation on your phone with the following:





#online phone

#offline phone

#online sms

#offline sms

Via Phone

To control your services via phone, simply dial 1-800-9PSYCHIC (1-800-977-9244) and follow the prompts to use your “Dial-In Credentials” (located at the bottom of the Main Menu any time you are signed into your Account).