How can my profile get more attention?

To make yourself available, log on to the website. At the top of the page, just to the left of the Main Menu, click the red ‘orb’ button to show the ‘service status window’. Then, click the Unavailable link next to the service you wish to enable. The Unavailable link will change to Available. To go offline, just click the link again. When you make yourself available only for Phone Calls, or only for Web Chat, your ‘status light’ orb will change to yellow. If you make yourself available for both Web Chat and Phone Calls, the status light orb will change to green.

You should also consider adding a profile photo.  Profiles without photos do not receive as many calls.

We are doing substantial advertising both on- and offline, but you can also promote your own profile.

You can find some promotional tools to advertise your profile directly through your social media and blogging accounts by selecting Promotional Tools from the profile dashboard: log on to your Psychic account and select the profile on the left-hand side.