How can I tell which Profile a customer is calling?

If you have more than one active Profile you use regularly, we recommend setting up a “Profile Whisper” for each. A “Profile Whisper” allows you to record a personal greeting that’s played when you get a Call and helps you identify which one you’re taking the Call for.

To utilize this feature, access the “Profile Whisper” link in your Profile’s Related Shortcuts. When you click “Create/Change Profile Whisper,” the automated system will call you and record your personal greeting.

Note: Callers will not hear a “Profile Whisper.”

Keep in mind that is if you do not record a Profile Whisper, when you receive a call from you will receive a message with the Profile Number that is being called. If you listen to the complete message before pressing 1, you will be able to tell which Profile is being called.

If you are in front of your computer, the active phone call display will pop up and list the Profile being called, so that you can press 1 to accept the call sooner.