Create A Profile

If you are newly registered as a talker you need to create a profile. A profile is how visitors to our site will find you. A profile is required for all psychics.

Your Profile or Listing will be used by the Callers, your customers, to find YOU on  The more pertinent information you put in your Profile, the more likely callers with similar interests will find YOU.  Profiles are required by all callers, yes, you will be able to create multiple Profiles.

Here are the steps to create a profile.

If you are newly registered you will create your first profile as part of the registration process. If you do not want to create a profile at that time, just click the “Close” button on the “Create a Profile” modal.  When you next logon to the site a modal will display so you can create a profile. Click the “Create My Profile Now” button.

Step 1 – General Information – First, select the category that you want your profile to be found in.  You cannot change your category for the profile, so please pick carefully.  Create your profile Title, Headline, and Description and then select off any languages that you speak fluently.  Click the “Save and Continue” button.

Make the Title, Headline, and Description as interesting as possible so visitors will want to call you to help increase your business. The Description can be up to 2,000 characters. You may want to compose the Description in a word processing program first and spell check it, then copy/paste it to the Description data collection box.

  • Your Profile Title cannot be changed, so take your time in deciding on your Title, and make it something you think will attract the most Callers.
  • If you have to change your profile category or title, you will need to create a new profile.  Please be careful you are selecting the correct information.
  • Click the green button “Save & Continue”

Step 2 – Interests – Select up to 5 interests that best fit your profile. This is one of the ways visitors will find your profile.

Step 3 – Topics – Select up to 3 topics that you are comfortable advising callers on.

Step 4 – Bio – The bio questions are to give the callers a sense of who you are, what type of abilities you have, and some background on your history as a psychic advisor.

  • This will give the caller an opportunity to choose YOU based on your distinctive description.

Step 5 – Telephone Pricing – Set your Pay Per Minute Rate here for calls you receive. You can also create flat rate packages and introductory offers.  After you have created your profile check out the “”Rates”” page.

Step 6 – Click the green “Create My Profile!” button.

Your Profile will be activated soon….while you wait you can:

Set profile picture                                Edit my profile

Manage my rates                                  Close window

You have now completed your profile!

Need to make changes?

  • Click on the Profile you want to Edit, located on the far left of the screen.
  • Click the “Edit” button, located on the top right hand side of your Profile.

To Create an Additional Profile

  • Go to your Dashboard.

Click the “Create a Profile” button on the far left, below your existing Profile(s) and follow the previous instructions.