How can I earn with Call Recordings

The Recording Calls feature allows Callers to purchase their favorite calls. This feature provides a new, exciting experience for Callers and a great financial opportunity for Psychics.

We have had many Caller inquiries for this feature. Callers who opt into the recording program are able to purchase any of the phone conversations they have with the Advisors on

Callers can set the recording option in the account settings and can alternately  add or remove it on a per call basis in the click to call box before each phone call.

Only calls from the website are currently being recorded. We hope to begin recording calls made through 1-800-9PSYCHIC in the future.

Psychics will receive their normal commission on the amount that the caller pays for the call recording. The pricing structure for the recordings is 25% of the total amount of the call with a $3.99 minimum and $19.99 maximum.

Call recordings are only available to callers and are not available to Advisors.

How do I setup my payout information?

To set up your payout information, go to the main menu and select “my account”. There you can select your country and the payout option available to that region. You can then enter the necessary information.

For your account security as soon as you enter your payout information and click the Save button at the bottom of the page this section of your account will be locked.

If you need to make changes to your payment information you will need to complete and return this document to or via fax (1-215-689-3812) so that we can assist you with updating your information.

Please note:  Whenever a request is made to change or update payout information in any way, to ensure future payouts aren’t processed incorrectly, the account payout status will be disabled.

It will generally take 1 – 2 business days for our accounting department to make updates to your account information.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that payout information will be updated in time for the payout to be processed if the Change of Payout request is submitted after 3 PM Eastern time Monday.

If the form is not returned (or complete), we will be unable to process any additional payouts to your account.

If you’re unable to fill out the form, please use the Contact Us option while you are logged into the site and select the subject: Payout Change Request Form


How do I get paid out?

How do I get paid out? processes Payouts every week on Wednesday.

Payouts are processed for all earnings accumulated before 3 AM Wednesday morning.

Here are a few details regarding each available Payout Method:

ACH/Direct Deposit 

  • USA Bank Account Only
  • Requires valid SSN/Tax ID
  • Will appear on your statement as TLOR HOLDINGS LL PAYROLL
  • $50 Min Payout
  • If you select Direct Deposit as your payout option, you should expect to see the payment reflected in your account on Friday or Saturday, though it can take an extra day or two to arrive if there is a holiday or any unforeseen technical issue.


  • USA & Canada Only
  • $50 Minimum Payout
  • $2 fee per check
  • Delivery of check depends on the postal mail system. So, we are unable to open an investigation for your missing payment prior to 10 business days from the original payout date.
  • All non-cashed checks will automatically void at 6 months. There is a fee of $30. The remaining amount (if any) of the payout will be returned to your account.


  • EU (European Union) only
  • $100 USD Minimum Payout
  • Payout will process in EURO


  • All other areas (excluding areas of the US, Canada, and the EU)
  • $100 Min Payout
  • $2 fee per Paxum payout sent
  • You should expect to see the payment reflected in your Paxum account in 1-2 business days.

How much can I charge for webchat?

We have made changes to the Web Chat Feature on

When a caller starts a chat with you, you will now receive earnings per minute for your chat instead of each message the caller sends.

To set your rate, from the Account Dashboard, choose the profile that you would like to set your rate for then click the Actions drop-down and select Rates from the menu. You will be taken to the Rates page.

Click the Chat Tab.


Set your rate (Price Range is $0.50 – $2.00) then click Save.

The paid commision for Web Chats is 50% (fifty percent).

You can make yourself available to receive a web chat at any time by toggling your availability at the top of our site.

On your profile the caller can select “Realtime web chat” and you will be prompted to accept the chat request with the caller within 60 seconds of the request.

***Please note that due to the changes we have made changes to our web chat feature, we have increased the size of the chat window, and have disabled incoming calls and chats until your chat session is over.***

What types of files can I attach to a message?

You can attach image or .mp3/.mp4 files as well as recorded voice/audio greeting through the on-site messaging system.

If you want to attach an image/multimedia file that has previously been approved for your account, the attachment will be sent immediately; if you attach a new file, the attachment will have to be approved before the Caller can see it.

How much can I charge for a message?

You can charge a maximum of $10 for on-site Messages sent with or without attachments.

Note: If you want to attach an image/multimedia file that has previously been approved for your account, the attachment will be sent immediately; if you attach a new file, the attachment will have to be approved before the Caller can see it.

How Do I set the Price for Picture Text

When you send a Multimedia text message, you will receive a text message asking you to set a price before the caller is notified. The rate can be from $0.00 – $5.00.

The format for setting the price is as follows:

If you wanted to send an image for $2.00, going by the image below – you would text back (including the spaces):

Example: #SETPRICE 42906 2.00

Once you have sent the reply setting the price of the picture, you will a text confirming that the image was sent to the caller at your set price.

How do I use the Texting Feature

When an advisor profile is available for texting the “Text Me” icon will be green on the profile.

When the caller clicks the icon, a dialog box will open for them to confirm that they want to text with the advisor profile.

The advisor will receive a text message advising that a caller has started an SMS conversation with the profile.

You can respond to this text and the caller will receive your reply.

A few things to note when using the texting feature:

  • Advisors can only initiate contact with callers via SMS if the Callers have the SMS feature turned on as available, and in their preferences, they have checked off that the Advisor can contact them first by SMS from the “Browse Callers” page.
  • If the caller does not have this preference set, advisors can only send a text message if the caller sends one first.
  • Your personal telephone number(s) are never seen by Callers. Your privacy is assured.
  • Texting sends from a 10-digit telephone number ending in 8255. It can and will be multiple different numbers since Caller texts to Advisors must come through as a separate text.
  • The number(s) which you receive are not the Caller’s numbers. The number that will also display to Callers will not be yours.
  • These numbers, which all end in 8255, belong to us and do not represent any other person and/or company.

How Do I Make Myself available when using the Mobile Site?

Connect with your callers on the go!

To make yourself available for calls and other features such as texting, and web chat,  log into the mobile site.

Once you are logged in, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner.  This will take you to the Main Menu.

In the upper right corner under your email address, there is a list of services.


There is an “x” in a red circle next to each service listed. Click on the “x” next to the service that you would like to make yourself available for and “x” will change to a checkmark.

Available Psychic

Please note that you can not make yourself available for Skype calls through the mobile site. However, if you running the TL Skype Agent and are online in the Skype application, you will show as available for Skype calls on the Mobile Site.

We also offer two alternative options for making yourself  “Available” or “Unavailable:”

  • via text
  • via phone

Via Text

To control your services via text, simply reply to any Text conversation on your phone with the following:





#online phone

#offline phone

#online sms

#offline sms

Via Phone

To control your services via phone, simply dial 1-800-9PSYCHIC (1-800-977-9244) and follow the prompts to use your “Dial-In Credentials” (located at the bottom of the Main Menu any time you are signed into your Account).