Viewing Purchase History

You can keep track of all the transactions processed directly to your credit card(s) on file within your Purchase History.

Your “Purchase History” shows credit card transactions for phone calls. It will also list credit card transactions when you replenish your Wallet funds.


From the Main Menu drop down option select “Account History” then select “Purchase History” to review package purchased and calls billed directly to your credit card(s).


Getting your $10 Free

Ten dollars FREE for every new account! Just provide a valid credit card — we will verify your info but NOT charge your account.

To get your first $10 free, after you logon click on the “$” icon on in the navigation bar on the main page. You will get a drop menu. Click on the Add Money button.

Choose the “One Time Get your first $10 for FREE!” package and enter your credit card for verification. After successful verification, $10.00 will be added to your wallet.

You may see a $1.00 transaction on your online credit card statement. It is an authorization transaction only. This will automatically delete in several days.

You are not being billed for the ”One Time Get your first $10 for FREE!” purchase.

Enjoy ten dollars to explore all the great features of!

Texting with Psychics

Don’t have enough privacy or time for a voice call with your psychic advisor?  Why not fire off some texts to get the quick answers you need right now?

Now you can text psychics right from your cell phone anytime!

To find psychics who are available for texting, set the filter at the top of the advisor’s listings to show only psychics who are “Available for Texting”.


Once you find the perfect psychic to connect with, click the “Text Me” button on their profile.

If you have not yet confirmed your number for texting (SMS) you will be prompted to do so. You can follow these instructions.

Once your phone number is verified, a dialog box will open where you can confirm that you want to start an SMS conversation with the Advisor.

You will then receive a text message to your mobile device after you confirm that you want to start the conversation.


You can reply to this message to send a text to the Advisor.

Some important things to remember when using the SMS feature on

  • Your personal telephone number(s) are never seen by Advisors. Your privacy is assured.
  • Advisors can only initiate contact with callers via SMS if the Callers have the SMS feature turned on as available, and in their preferences, they have checked off that Advisors can contact them first by SMS from the “Browse Callers” page.
  • If the caller does not have this preference set, advisors can only send a text message if the caller sends one first.
  • Texting sends from a 10-digit telephone number ending in 8255. It can and will be multiple different numbers since Caller texts to Advisors must come through as a separate text.
  • The number(s) which you receive are not the Advisor’s phone. The number that will also display to Advisor will not be yours.
  • These numbers, which all end in 8255, belong to us and do not represent any other person and/or company.

How to Make a Call

Ready to talk live? Click the “Call Me” button on any Psychic profile to initiate a one-on-one phone call. When the “Call” modal opens there are two options to choose from to place a call.

Option 1:

You can choose “”LET US CONNECT YOU””. You must have a verified phone number on your account to use “”LET US CONNECT YOU””. Using this option also allows you to select these parameters for the phone call:

  • Confirm that you want to connect with the psychic at the per minute rate.
  • Select to change your phone number or add a new phone number to receive the call.
  • Select if you want to pay with funds from your wallet, your saved credit card, or wallet and saved credit card.
  • Select which saved credit card you want to have billed if you have more than one credit card on your account.

Before you hit the CONNECT NOW button, please toggle the ‘Record this session’ option by checking or unchecking the box.

Next click the “Connect Now” button.

Our anonymous phone system will call the Advisor that you selected, and if he or she is available to take the call, we will then call you on your verified phone number.  You will not be charged until you are connected with the Advisor.

Option 2:

If you would prefer to call into our system to connect with your Advisor, you can dial 800-9PSYCHIC (1-800-977-9242).  Make sure you have the Advisor profile number you wish to connect with, as well as your account number and pin. This information is displayed on the “Call” modal. If your pin number is not displayed, use the “CLICK HERE” link to display it.

If you like using Option 2 we suggest that you keep a written record of your account number and pin number as well as any Advisor profile numbers that you want to call. You will be asked to enter all this information when you make a call using 800-9PSYCHIC (1-800-977-9242).

Changing your Password

Changing your password is easy, just go to “Change Password” under Main Menu, then enter your current password in the top slot and add your new password in next two spaces provided for New Password and New Password Again.

Purchasing Audio Stories

Many Psychics record audio stories you can purchase to enjoy at your leisure.  Click on the “View my Products” link on any profile to review the audio story details, such as price and duration.

If you click on the price located on the right side of the product, you will receive an additional page showing the star ratings detail for the audio story.  Click the blue bar to confirm the purchase of the audio story. This page will also display your wallet balance after the purchase.


Reviewing Psychics

After photos, nothing informs a Caller’s choice of a Psychic more than feedback. Adding a review after every phone call helps reward good Psychics for their efforts, and instructs less-than-gifted Psychics how to improve their service.

After each call is ended the “”Review Your Call With”” modal will display to choose a star rating and add your review comments.

If you do not leave a review at that time, when you are logged on to your account you can click Main Menu then click Account History and go to the calls page. A “”Leave Review”” link will be displayed for any talker you have not reviewed. The “”Leave Review”” link will only be displayed for 72 hours after the call.

PayNearMe FAQ

PayNearMe: Add funds to your wallet with cash 24 hours a day

How It Works

To get started, you will need a PayNearMe payment code.  To retrieve your payment code:

  1. Login to your account, click the “Add Money” button, then select the “PAY WITH CASH” button.
  2. You will receive a PayNearMe payment code that can be printed or displayed on your phone.
  3. Take the payment code and cash to any participating PayNearMe Payment Location.
  4. Tell the cashier you want to “make a cash payment” and show them the payment code.
  5. You can pay any amount up to $500. Your funds will be available on within 15 to 20 minutes.

Why should I use PayNearMe to add funds to my wallet?

PayNearMe lets you add funds with cash at a location near you. No need to share your credit card information. No credit card fees. Most locations are open 24/7 or late.

Is there a fee to use PayNearMe?

No.  Any amount of cash that you deposit into your PayNearMe payment code will be added directly into your wallet at

What is the PayNearMe “payment code”?

The PayNearMe “payment code” can be different at different retail locations.  At most locations, it is a standard barcode.  At some locations, it is a 6-digit or 13-digit code that the clerk enters into the register.

Where can I add funds with PayNearMe?

You can add funds at any participating PayNearMe Payment Location. Click here to find the most convenient PayNearMe payment location near you.

How long does it take for to know I have paid?

Funds will be available on your account within 15 to 20 minutes.

Is there a limit to how much I can pay with PayNearMe?

There is no limit to the number of PayNearMe payments you can make. However, PayNearMe can only accept up to $500 per 24-hour period and $10,000 per rolling 30-day period.

Have questions about how to use PayNearMe?

Send us an email at or give us a call at 888-714-0004. You can also visit our support page at