Adding a Schedule

Adding a Schedule

Complete a schedule of dates and times that will appear on your profile letting people know when you are available for phone calls and/or chat. Keep in mind that as the site grows you will be required to stick to your schedule or change it. You can change your schedule at any time.

Step 1:

Set your Time Zone. The drop menu displays time zones for the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Step 2:

Place a check in the box next to the day of the week you will be available. Initially the hours are set to 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM.  Under “”Set Schedule”” use your mouse pointer to move the left and right slider buttons – one at a time – to the specific start and stop times you will be available for the day you selected.

Place your mouse pointer over the slider button and do a “left click and hold” to move the slider button. As you do this you will see the time change.

The left slider button is the “Start” time and the right slider button is the “Stop” time.